Travel differently to London

The city with at the top of all rankings! Is it really necessary to introduce London? The city to visit, again and again. There is always a district to discover, a Pub to try or a new event to be part of. One life wouldn’t be enough.

Between the Thames river, Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square or Camden Market, the city is full of less know but fantastic spots to visit, for an amazing time!

London, United-Kingdom

Travel differently through the eyes of a Londoner

With a big entrepreneur spirit, Heather want independence and no boss! Always happy to hang out with her friends, she enjoys life and loves to travel and meet new people, new cultures. Very open-minded, she decided to start learning French.

Museums she likes

the natural history museum and the science museum

The events she likes

Field day music festival. 51st state (another festival).

Her hobbies

Dancing Kizomba, attending concerts and poetry nights. Attending events at the Library members club, eating at nice restaurants with friends.

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